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*Recommended Reading List
We have been asked many, times to put together a reading list and so we have started to compile it, there are so many great, helpful books, dvds and cds we will continue to add to the list over time. Please have a look and let your Angels guide you.
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message to We hope you find this a place of peace and well-being. Angels are around you every minute of every day helping you and guiding you in your daily life. We want to gently remind you of this and to remind you that you are never alone in your life's journey.

The Angels are messengers, guides, teachers, co-creators and all the things you think of in a best friend and so much more. They are always with you and connected with you, simply awaiting your openness and willingness to work with them, communicate with them and to consciously share your journey with. Doing so can deeply enhance your life experience.

By connecting with your Angels you give yourself a great gift of Love.

Many Blessings

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