White Buffalo 2011 Update...
The White Buffalo are now in Oregon
Please learn about their new home here -

Native American prophecy foretold of a time when the White Buffalo would be born and there
would be peace among all peoples following great upheaval and chaos upon Mother Earth.

That time is now. The White Buffalo have come.

There are three who have been born on the ranch of Jim and Dena Riley, their guardians. Miracle Moon was born on April 30th, 1997; her daughter, Rainbow Spirit was born on June 8th, 2000, and her second daughter, Peace Pilgrim, came into the world on July 18th, 2001. (see Peace Pilgrim)

Because White Buffalo are such a rare occurrence, and there unfortunately have been hoaxes, they were DNA tested and shown to be 100% North American Bison.

The sacred time of all races coming together in peace, balance and harmony is here and the opportunity for us all to live in that vision is now, right after and during major chaos and destruction. These blessed beings, symbols of hope for the good that is here for us all, are moving from South Dakota to Arizona. It is a time that has been envisioned by others and the Navajo Nation is in great anticipation of their arrival and the blessings of peace they bring. (read The Legend of the WHITE BUFFALO)

Tom and I had the gift of “finding them by coincidence” while careening through the Blackhills of Dakota; trying to cram as much into one day as possible on our scant 8 day cross-country journey to bring healing energy from 20 states to the site of the World Trade Center devastation of 9/11 in New York.

Whizzing around winding roads, we almost missed the sign on the side of the road inviting all to come visit the White Buffalo in Custer, South Dakota. Screeching to a halt, our itinerary went out the window. Nothing else mattered more than seeing the incredible gift Spirit had placed on our path.

Arriving unannounced in the early morning didn’t deter Dena and Jim from a warm welcome and sharing the story of the miracle first birth that almost ended in death as a bull threw the newborn across the field. It was a miracle that she lived when Jim intervened to save her life that night. Hence her name, Miracle Moon. Neither had any idea she was a White Buffalo until she lightened instead of darkened in color as she grew. (read The Story of Miracle's Birth)

They showed us around the ranch, introduced us to the amazing, now three, White Buffalo and the small herd of brown bison residents and invited us into their home and their hearts. Miracle Moon’s mother and the father of her daughters were deep chocolate brown, large and stately creatures. It was delightful to see the buffalo run like puppies to greet Dena upon hearing her musical voice. Seeing them with her showed us how much love and trust was present between them all. They could have run far away from us humans into the fields, yet they chose to stay close to us; peering into our faces much as we did theirs. The energy was incredibly joyous and peace filled.

We enjoyed the honor of spending a blessed 8 hour day in their presence.We also met 3 men from the Navajo nation who were visiting to pay homage and a man from Sedona who was an organizer of a gathering of healers for Spring, 2002. We talked about the northern lights we’d all seen in the sky the night before and excitedly shared how we each came to find the White Buffalo. We pilgrims had arrived at an auspicious moment in time.

We learned that a prolonged illness of Jim’s had exhausted their resources and he needed medical treatment and the closeness of helping family in Arizona. The landowner in South Dakota had decided to put his land, which the Riley’s leased, to different use, necessitating their leaving. Amazingly, land suitable for the buffalo and their guardians had come available in Flagstaff, Arizona just in perfect time.

It looked like these good, self-sufficient folks, who’d put everything into the care of their sacred charges, could now use some help. We all put our thinking caps on to see what was needed and what could be done. The Riley’s cried as our hearts opened with talk of how we could be of service.The surprise of us all showing up on their doorstep at a time of need overwhelmed them. Spirit does work in mysterious ways. The serendipity and synchronicity of just what you need or want popping up, seemingly out of the blue, got to us all. Liquid prayer sparkled in all of our eyes. Pitching in, we became extended family of the White Buffalo.

The daunting task of pulling together a move of gigantic proportions faces these brave souls. Uppermost in their minds at all times is the safety and well-being of the gentle buffalo entrusted to them by Spirit.


Link to their home on the web: http://www.sacredwhitebuffalo.org/

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read The Legend of the WHITE BUFFALO
read The Story of Miracle's Birth

Together we can make a difference.
Many Blessings to you and your families!
Thank you for your kind consideration.
In Light & Love,
Florence & Thomas

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