Dearest Soul,

We love you.

We embrace you each day to support, to guide and every night to give you comfort and soft rest.
We thank you for calling on us to help you when you are in need,
for you honor us greatly in partnership by remembering us as your helpers and good friends.

It is our greatest pleasure to be of service to you in all things great and small.
To help you find keys; to shield you in safety as you travel;
to guide to your best paths, through greatest lessons; to open the paths for you to do your best work;
to make way for you to bless and be blessed by others-these and more we do for you in joy and love.
Please put us to our tasks by your simple asking and acknowledging.
Feel our presence and our love when you are still and quiet.

We are with you, bringing your Highest Good into manifestation in the best possible time and way.
All is in Divine Order, Dear Soul.

There is a blessing evolving right now as you read these words.
We are sending you unconditional Love right here; right now.

We love you.
We love you.
We love you.

Come many times to bless and be blessed, to read our words and feel our love for you.

We love you.
We Bless you. Right here. Right Now.

In Light & Love

The Twelve and Your Angels