Dear Ones,

There is truth in every thing. There is truth in every person. There is truth in every situation. There is truth in every lesson.


find your truth

know your truth

be your truth


Spring is a time to realize the truth of the earth.

It is ever changing yet remains the same, this is a truth.

What you experienced as the earth of the winter now gives way to the earth of the spring. Spitting forth that which was always there but unseen. Flowers arise from their slumber and grasses grow green with light.

Know that in every inch of barren, frozen soil in your life there are seeds of truth and flowers of knowing.

With each lesson there is a stalk growing out of a seed, reaching ever more for the light, growing closer to that which it knows will help it bloom fully.

A light that sheds truth on the soul of every one and every thing.

The Light of Love.

The Light of Truth.

The Light of You.


angel samuel