Have you felt like a warrior this season?

Changing and intensifying weather patterns seem to wipe you out or wear you down?

Work or relationships storms and changes confuse or discourage you?

Fear rearing its energy ?

A sense of nothing staying the same?

Have you felt a yearning for home without quite knowing why?

We wish to assure you that there is good reason & greater order in what seems chaos.

Vast energy is flooding into your home, Earth;

to your home which is your dwelling,

to your home which is your physical body

which is home to your thoughts and emotions,

a home to your soul being.


This is a time of bringing Heaven to Earth, a time of change and of melding, blending energies which touch all levels of your home. You will be able to move more freely between these 'perceptions' as you allow yourself to receive this energy which is for your Highest Good. Bend into this energy of change with the strength and flexibility of the willow tree, leaning into the wild wind. Allow outcomes to unfold and be surprised at how they are more than you could have imagined. You are growing rapidly. You feel this sometimes as stress, confusion or weariness. A feeling of 'battle fatigue' falls upon many now at what may seem odd times or for no apparent reason. Know that this is the culmination of centuries of soul work in bringing the Light Of Love to your world and YOU have taken part in that great work. Even at times unaware, you have participated. Your being here at this time was, and is, by choice. All lessons are being learned at accelerated rate. Feel this. You are blessed and loved dearly for your courage in all things- those you deem great or small. Your very being is a gift to the world, to the Universe. You are warriors of Peace, given many and diverse gifts with which to accomplish the healing of yourselves and your world. Look in your mirror often to see yourself and remember the beautiful Light Of Love that you are. This light of 'home' is what shines from your heart into each day for all to see and recognize within. Go to your heart always, in all matters, and see the unfolding from there. Ask for help from the ranks of Angels who are here now to support you in every change. Guidance and protection are yours.

Many Blessings are upon you. You are loved.

Archangel Michael