Angel Message

Dear Soul,


As this year of great hardship and change comes to a close, we come to tell you how beloved you are.
You have been touched by the change as the darkness of terror and hatred tries to claim your Light.
Whether you were in the middle of bombings or in a community where you were safe from physical destruction, you were touched at your heart level and effected by the events in the world.
It is true that a kind word spoken in one corner of the globe is felt around the world and the same is true of an act of hatred.

There are souls evolving in your world-some slowly and some quickly by your linear time limitations. We gently remind you there is more. Time is elastic and all is in Divine Order; even when it does not look that way to you now.

You are doing a superb job on Earth. Making new choices, facing all of your previously held ideals and complacency in insular focus within your own communities, acknowledging the shatteredness and being courageous to feel vulnerable and still move forward to find a better way to live more harmoniously.
The test of the being of humankind faces you forward to a better way.
This time foretold in many lifetimes and in many legends and prophesies is right before you now.
Go to these and be reminded as we say to you this day:
Peace is here. Make room in your hearts for it. Make room in your minds for it. Your souls already have room for more than you remember.

Now you are part of the creation of Heaven on Earth. It is your choice.
And we know you are up to the job as we see you choose kindness over impatience and anger.
Even when you slip into these old behaviors, we see that they are momentary and you correct them within yourself because you are awake now. You are aware. You are shining your Light of Love more clearly each day.

Oh, Dear Soul, we weep with joy as you grow in the recognition of the Love,
which is the essence of who you are.
See it in each other like you would when gazing on a newborn babe.
It is the truth of all.

For those who are taking actions to cause harm to others, you, with peoples of all nations, are collectively their opportunity to grow to be reminded of who they are as well.
When you say no more violence, you say yes to peace and love.

It is a dichotomy for these times and you are wading through it all much better than you can imagine.
There are many levels of lessons being learned now. It can feel overwhelming to you.
When this happens, please become still and allow us to enfold you in love and peace. We are here standing beside you, loving you, guiding you.
All else will follow and the outcome is better than you can imagine.

We love you dearly and thank you for being on Earth in at the time of change.
Archangel Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Michael and The Twelve