Angel Message

“Thank You For Being, Dear Souls”

As this year, this century, comes to a close in your realm, can you hear us singing your praises?
In stillness, listen for us as we sing you to sleep and sing you awake with love.
You are so dearly loved.
Can you feel how much we love you? Just as you are; where you are; whatever you have done or are doing; whatever you think of as good or bad-we love you with a love that has no end. Our gift to you this time is the knowledge & the affirmation of how deeply and vastly you are loved. We bless you for coming to Earth to do the work you do; to learn the lessons you chose to learn & teach one another. You are good and you are loved. You are important. You are wise. You are able. You are purposeful. You are needed. You are valued. You are valuable. You are eternal. You are a magnificent being of Light. You are one with All That Is. You are a beloved piece of Godlight in action. You are a gift to yourself. You are a gift to others. You are worthy. You are sacred. You are Heaven on Earth. We see you; all that you are and have ever been and we love you. You are never alone. In your tears we are there. In your joys we are there. We thank you for inviting us to be in partnership with you. Thank you for being. Thank you for believing. Thank you for your trust and love. Thank you for acknowledging us in your lives. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you. Thank you for being the Light of Love that you are. Thank you for receiving our love.
Call on us as the old century changes into new.
Endings are beginnings which hold infinite possibilities of highest good.
We love you, dearest soul. As you read these lines, know that this is directly for your eyes, ears and heart. You who are looking at this page. You who are hearing these words.
You are loved.

Your Angels

Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Ariel, Raphael
The Twelve and the Angelic Realm