Dearest Soul,

At the start of this new year, with such great turmoil in your world, please know that we are still with you;
flying to those souls in most need, comforting, sustaining and being a present strength.
For the great soul group which has just left your realm, please know they are in Light and have left a
legacy of love far greater than you see before you at this time.
Theirs was a leaving so great that it could not be ignored by the world.
In the wake is a great call to the worlds peoples to put aside differences and hate filled anger and
instead choose the path of love and peace.
What we can say to you is that this is an opportunity for new beginnings, new growth in the hearts and
you are each most important to the task.
You have within you great strength, compassion and generosity of the spirit
Every thought, kind and gentle; every time you choose peace over warring energy
you have done a great service for yourself, others and your world.
Just in your thinking is the opportunity for change for much good.
You are beloved and an important part of the whole.
A golden thread in the tapestry of life’s weaving.

Go forth in your new year knowing that you are dearly loved.
Archangels Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Michael
The Many