Angel Message July

Dear Soul,
This is a message for you of honor and thanksgiving.
Look to the beauty all around you; in the small and the great; in the breezes, the mist of rain and the heat of the sun.
Look to creativity of Earth and humankind.

Please look to the things that seem wonder filled and the things that look
devoid of wonder. You will find beauty and creativity and rebirth of
some kind in all, when you stop, look, listen annd breathe.

Look to the green growing things around you; the beauty of flowers
with their many shapes, colors & forms. Look deep within their petals and see
the miracle of growth and replenishment and restructure of life.
Even the same rose, grown again, has variations from the first time it appeared on the same bush.
Look how nature creatively reconstructs and manifests again and again and again. Look to grass and trees.
Even the twigs that do not come back give you the opportunity to see the soil beneath; the pebbles; the creepers
and crawlers that nurture the earth to do their part in the continuity of the circle of life.
New life; new ways are in process of becoming.

Change is the constant with every breath you take. You are safe within its blessed circle. and a vital part of the whole.
Feel the joy in this beautiful energy of change; for this is where all things that you no longer need are released -
Those that you are aware of needing to have gone, like pain, and those that feel
familiar and comfortable to you which you may not be aware of as needing to take their leave.
You make space so that which you do need for Highest Good can come to you.

Thank you for doing this work. You help clear the way for us to bring you more Highest Good; more Love; more Light.
Your gratitude for each thing; expressed aloud or thought of inside yourself is
heard and felt as more added love to the Universes.
We hear you and feel your love.

Mother Earth feels your loving energy and puts it to great, good use in partnership
with you everytime you step out upon her body and say 'thank you for your support.'
Whether it is walking on green, wood or concrete of your world, this small gesture that
you can make is of great help to the whole.

The energy of gratitude you express in joy and in times when it is hard to find one
thing to be grateful for is felt and so precious to the Circle of Life.
Here is where you make a difference.
Here is where you participate.
Here is where you make an opening and, like the rose,
the results will be creative and different than before.
Here is where you watch for the miracles of things showing up in
ways you may not have imagined in your life; So the exchange of energy can flow
that love and gratitude back to you.They give you so many ways to be opened to more.
And always, choice is yours to practice taking what you like while leaving the rest in unconditional love.

We see you. We hear you. You are important to the whole. And We love you dearly.

Archangel Gabriel