Dear Ones,

There is a clarity that comes with acceptance. An acceptance of oneself and of the circumstances of one's life. Please do not judge so harshly the events of your life or the actions that you have taken. For all things are a practice and learning experience for your growth. There is clarity even in the most confused state of being, when the emotional body and the mind are wound together so as to see and feel nothing but a cloudy consortium of mist for thoughts and reasoning. There is a place and there are ways for you each to find the clarity you seek.

There is a reality of who you are, accept this...accept you. You are good and you are good enough. Know this and you will know yourself truthfully. Remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience not vice-a-versa. Allow yourself the perspective of who you truthfully are, in any given moment, no matter the circumstance. In this moment, be it brief or lasting, you will find your clarity. Let go for a moment and you will find that piece by "peace" you will become clear on where you wish to go from here in the most positive manner for you and those around you. Clarity does not have to be an elusive gift it can be and is available to all, it is a part of you now. Let loose the feverish search and allow it to uncover itself to you in the moment of acceptance.

I joyously surround you in your highest good,


Archangel Gabriel