Dear Sweet Soul,
Welcome. It is a grand time to be in human form. You have chosen to be here on Earth at a time when great change for good is all around.
Have you noticed the earth changes? Have you noticed the changes within your heart, your work, your relationships with others, your life? Have you noticed that this Springtime is a little different than any other has been?
There is so much love flourishing on planet Earth. It is replacing old energies that do not serve the whole. It is kicking up the dust of old energies that wish to hang on a little longer. You know how hard it is to leave a situation that has been so familiar to you.
Some even try to look like they are love and your discerning powers will remind you that love does not harm nor is it at the expense of another. On your thought waves, you can send these energies light and say, "I allow you to go to the light to become more light." You can transform all because you are the Light of Love.
You do not need someone outside of yourself to confirm that you are Love. You can know it from within. Your angels confirm it for you today.
All that is happening is purposeful, even when you cannot see the 'why' of things.
Your light is necessary to every other living thing. You are necessary, just as you are; where you are and you are so loved for having chosen to come into being at this time.
You are a being of light and courage and great heart! Whether you can move with ease or have chosen a body that gives challenge to your incredible creativity, you are needed and important to the whole of existence! Believe that. Know it is so. You are the embodiment of the light of love just as you are, right this moment and in every moment.
Please feel our love beaming to you as we add to your light of love which shines out into the world; into the Universe. You are not alone.
Every kind thought you have helps another in some other part of the Universe and adds positively to the whole. Every kind thought you have about yourself adds to that tapestry of love which enriches all. So, dear soul, the light of love; is the very essence of you. With all your mistakes and endeavors, you are love. That is no small thing. Therefore YOU are no small thing. You are needed and you are loved beyond measure-always.
Be still. Reach out your hand and feel us beam to you the energy of the mirror image of the light of love that you are.
Thank you for the good work you are doing as you are becoming more aware of the truth of who you are. You are good. You are the Light of Love.
Always with you, Dear Sweet Soul,
Archangel Ariel