October Angel Message


There is so much love around you and in you. With every breath you take, feel the Light of Love enter into your body and fill every cell; every molecule of your being. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit are filled with the Light of Love. This is the essence of who you are, now and always. Every soul you meet is blessed by the essence of you and you are blessed by them. In the simplest of circumstances, there is this profound connection; be it a moment or many. On the breath you can go to that place within yourself and remember who you are. Then you will see that Divine spark in the mirror of the eyes of each soul you meet. When you feel lost or alone, we gently remind you that you are so dearly loved. We are with you. Your guardians; your guides, waiting for you to ask for whatever you need. We are in partnership with you every moment of your life. Though you may feel far away from us, we are close by. Sit still and feel our presence. Feel our love in the quiet. Feel the peace within that love for you. Feel the joy. Watch for us as you go to sleep each night. You will see us sparkling around you like sprinkles of Light in the darkness of your room. Loving you, ready to guide when you wish and comfort when you need. You are so much more than you think; a being of wonder, unfolding at your own pace; learning your lessons in perfect timing. Within the changes on and in Earth, there is a constancy. The constancy is this: You are love and you are dearly loved. In every lesson ; in every letting go; in every challenge; in every seeming mistake; in every accomplishment; there is this enduring truth. We see it all and we love you.
Watch the leaves as they turn color, separate from the tree that has been their home and float in the wind to make piles of color on the ground. Feel the love in the air as it changes in temperature. Breathe in the aromas of Autumn, old and new mixing together in bittersweetness and breathe out all that is ready for release. Sweet harvest of Love for you and new beginnings in every ending.
Watch for the good that is manifesting all around you. It is bountiful and so are you,
dear one. For this you came.

In the Light of Love,
Archangel Ariel and The Twelve



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