Angel Message
Oct/Nov 2000

Have you felt as if we have been distant or absent?

We are with you; around you; ready to help in all things the moment you ask.
Pray the simple prayer: Help.

We are immediately with you; comforting, bringing love and assisting with energy to guide and protect. Outcomes of
situations can be better than you think. Allow things to unfold and trust in good higher than you can imagine to manifest.
What looks like a disaster one day can become a miracle tomorrow. The why of things may dismay you for today. Still,
there is a reason for everything and that reason and higher good which will come in ways that make you say to yourself,
‘aha.’ While you are in the place of not knowing, please feel & express all your feelings.
That is part of being in human form and purposeful.

We do not judge you for any of your feelings. No matter their nature, we know

Timing is elastic and a thing we see in different perspectives. This is an area in which to practice letting go.
You see there are so many wonderful places for you to practice connection between us. In this place we can be of help.
Of course we honor you when you wish to handle things on your own. You have free will and we would never interfere
with your path to practice your own choices. Still we will watch over you as you walk or run forward.
We honor you who have been so courageous to choose to experience the schoolroom of Earth existence. We understand
your immersion in the experiences of emotions, thought processes and physical being. We honor you by waiting for you
to call us to partnership in your life and would not stop you from your path. Still we are here beside you when you come
back to speak with us; to ask for help; to feel the love that is always yours- simply because you are.

All is in divine order and all is well.

We love you dearly.

In Light & Love,
Your Angels