The Appreciation of a Life


There are so many lives existing all at one time.

Do you remember to take the time to appreciate the ones that touch you so deeply? So many coming and going in and out of your lives, daily, yearly, when is it that they get the recognition of being a difference in your lives? Is it when they're sick or dying or like so often when they have already passed on to the next life that you are shocked into the knowing of how that someone affected with great amounts of love, your life. This creates a great deal of the grief that stems from the loss of a loved one. To not have consciously appreciated that person keeps the energy bottled up and then it bursts forth in their passing.

Please don't wait to realize the significance of those around you, take the time to be in the awareness. How many people have effected and affected your life? The answer is quite simple, all of them. Love comes in many different forms as given to you by others. Is someone who has broken your heart as likely to receive the recognition as much as someone who nurtures it or mends it? All of the souls that enter and exit your lives have a gift for you. You gain so much from one another in each and every moment. You are constantly growing and learning through the gifts of physical, mental and emotional experience. If you could be consciously aware of these gifts you are receiving you would be more able to learn all that is possible for you in any given situation.

It is always easier said than done and so, practice is the opportunity you all have in each moment.

To consciously be aware of the lives affecting you in all their different manners, helping you to grow, this is the great opportunity you have to be who you truely are, conscious beings, with all the resources you need to achieve your goals in this life.

To appreciate the lives of those around you is so important for when they are gone, yes, you can still thank them and they receive this but the importance is in your evolution to be aware and take action from this awareness, this is true conscious living. Thank your parents, thank your relatives, thank your friends and thank your enemies they are all a part of who you are today. It starts from within and builds toward action. Today, take the time to bring yourself into a greater consciousness that appreciates the lives around you.


Blessings, as I appreciate all of your lives.

Archangel Raphael