Please Join the Peoples of All Nations In a Global Peace Meditation!

At this time of major changes in the world,
We invite you to take a moment to be still,
Wherever you are,
Whom ever you're with,
This is a time of new opportunities,
With hope for healing and peace:

May we all link our energy in one breath
around the world together,knowing we are not alone.
Breathe in-our prayers for peace among all people
And breathe out-our Light of Love from the center of our hearts
See that breath light the global candle for world peace
May we all visualize darkness, terror, destruction, prejudice and hatred leave
as shadows do when we turn on the lights in a room.
Together we can focus our energy on the outcome of good for all
Together we can make a difference
Together we can grow harmony, enlightenment,
prosperity and peace for us all!
Together we can illuminate the world!

With gratitude for your loving heart and appreciation for your life,
Many Blessings To You and Yours On The Eve of a New Dawning.

In Light and Love
Florence and Thomas
and Your Angels

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