April 2000
Message From Ma’afu

Love one another. A simple directive. A simple request. A simple task.
And yet it seems to be one of the most challenging paths on which you travel.
So, do you think Ma’afu asks you to do this thing and let others walk all over you? No, that is not what is asked of you. The act of loving another begins with the act of loving yourself well; forgiving yourself for mistakes; making amends to yourself when you have judged yourself harshly; saying ‘no’ to yourself when you may feel tempted to put yourself down or go into a pit of hopelessness when things are not manifesting as you would have wished. Being tolerant and gentle to others begins with the practice of being tolerant and gentle with you. Certainly, please do look at yourself in the light of love to see where it is that you would like to improve. That is a good thing. Setting reasonable boundaries for yourself is as necessary as setting reasonable goals. Speaking words of encouragement to your own self and affirming all the good that is in you will soften the edges of the hurry, hurry, do, do, do world in which you live in the human form. Patience for self produces patience for others. Allowing that you will and must make mistakes in the cycles of learning here in the schoolroom, Earth, will create sacred space between yourself and others, who are also making their own proper mistakes as they investigate the world around them. Then you can look upon one another as scientists delving into the laboratory of life. Even when you find that you are revisiting what seems like the same lesson, know that you are all learning the next level of that lesson and if it is in front of you to look at again, well,then certainly you must be ready for the next higher lesson of love which will appear in the challenge. So it is with each of you. Not a one goes untouched. A kind word that you would appreciate is also appreciated by another. A smile, a breath before speaking, a second thought before taking an action that might be sharp, a prayer or kind thought, holding the light of highest good for one who cannot do it for themselves-these are all acts of love. Even if you say not one word, you are loving one another with positive energy. Give to yourself and you will be able to do great things in more ways than you have remembered of your incredible abilities. you do not even have to leave your home, your bed, your mind to do these things that are of such importance to the world, to the universe. You make a difference. You are loved. You are capable. You matter.
You know what you know.
Thank you dear Master of Light for being.
I love you.