Message From Ma’afu -April 2001

Dear Master Of Light,
How wonderful to see you here; to visit with you for a moment.
It has been a busy time on Earth. So many changes in Mother Earth and life structures and human lives. It can be difficult to deal with and hard to understand at times. This is seen and felt.
So many Masters of Light are with you as the old energy releases and new floods your Earth and your being. I assure you there is order to what looks like chaos. I affirm for you that you will lose nothing you need for the next leg of your journey. Even though it may feel like you are losing too much already, I tell you true-you are not losing anything that was not already meant to move from you for your better good.
What is meant to leave and return to you, will do so in a higher way.
For the answer to your question of ‘why?’ It is time. Simply that.
Lessons are being learned at a very rapid rate and changes you would have waited years for are taking shape in a matter of months, weeks, days & sometimes minutes.
Time is quite elastic and fluid now. Do you feel it?
Do you feel the intensity of energy? Do you feel as if you are being pushed from the inside out to make decisions and changes based on outer appearances?
When you feel this:
Stand still in your own Light!
Do nothing!
Do No Thing!
If you simply must do some thing, only breathe.
Breathe in the Light of Love and feel the center of that energy in the midst of swirling change. Ask for the Highest Good in all situations for yourself and for all.
Now watch as you go about your days and see how problems get solved or fall away into smaller proportion. Watch how little is required of you even when you feel you must be involved. Allow outcomes to unfold. Ask for help from all who are on this side; in this large room next to you. Notice how the help comes to you in so many small and funny ways.
Laugh out loud, Dear Master of Light.
You lighten up when you laugh at the absurdities, the fears, the worries, the ways spirit hears and answers you. Notice these things. Notice the Light of Love within you & around you.
You are greatly loved for your courage to be here on Earth at this time when intense energy, like solar flares and electromagnetic grids, shift to upset the apple carts all around.
When you feel as if your energy is small, please remember you are a Master of Light!
You shine always, all ways.
And you are dearly loved.
I love you.