Ma’afu Message

Welcome Dear Master of Light!

Have you remembered today that you are a Master of Light?
I am lovingly and laughingly reminding you of the truth & joy of that reality because I see you when you struggle with everyday human-form challenges. It is easy to forget for a moment or many that you are empowered and able. It is easy to forget that your strength is within you as you search to find the best answers to life’s questions; as you network with others to avail yourself of help. You are a being of Light with the creative ability to give help & receive it. You are part of the vital circle of dignity in the balance of giving and receiving. Noticing the energies around you will give you clarity that will surprise you. Notice when you feel out of balance, out of sorts. Stop; take a breath and simply be with the feelings swirling inside you. Are you in balance? Is there any place where you have been either giving, giving, giving without the balance of allowing others to give to you or the reverse? Well then, there you have your next workshop, dear Master of Light! Shine the light of your knowledge in these areas and practice taking different action than those of which you have become accustomed. Stand still in your own light & allow a new path to open before you. Change is much easier when you remember that you are a Master of Light! Do not worry. Ma’afu always sees this of you and will happily remind you! You are the Light of Love!

and I love you, dear Master of Light.