Dear Master of Light

How have you been faring in the summer of change? Have you been feeling the intense energy? Have you been releasing old patterns-by choice or forces outside yourself? Have you been letting go easily or have you chosen to experience every pebble in the road of change? The choice is always yours. For not an Angel or Being of Light would prevent you from your own choosing. Even if you have decided to have a harder road than an easy one, you are still the one who chooses & all lessons will be learned. Shift is happening all around you. Breathe. Look around you. See where you can choose Light over dark in the road. Notice where your roadblocks come up for you. Notice what unfolds within you as you choose & the lessons present themselves from within. Some of what you lose or throw away will not come back to you. Some things will not ever be the same as before. Still your choices will be honored & opportunities to grow will continue to present themselves. Make mistakes & make amends. There is glory in doing so. There is balance in doing so. For you are a Master of Light at the center of your being & you are loved-with all your flaws & foibles, you are flawless & you are loved.

Many Blessings In Light & Love,