Message From Ma’afu

Dear Master of Light,

I hail you as the truth of yourself. For you are a Master of Light. You shine your light of love so brightly, even when you are not aware.

How does it feel for you when I call you Master of Light? Do you resonate to the sound? Do you feel a little awkward at times? Good thing to notice.

Read my words to you out loud and hear how you sound in truth. Notice what you feel each time you do this. Notice how your feelings change as you repeat this task. Practice again and again.

Good work.

Remembering who you really are is work. Worthwhile and purposeful.
You are here at this time in real purpose- to shine the light of love- first into yourself and then to others; in all situations. You can do no less; for you are a
Master of Light.

This reminder is my gift to you this day.
I love you dearly.