Ma’afu Message

Greetings Dear Master of Light!

I greet you as the Master you truly are. You are made of the Light of Love and the mastery of that Light is your first chosen profession in your physical form on Earth.
We on this side see you “doing your best” each day.
Such an interesting combination of words when one thinks on them.
You set yourself a high standard with those words, and, though there are some who think of them more with an “oh, well” feeling, you aim for the stars in your reaching for attainment.
In each day you stretch yourself a little further to grow; to reach your “best.”
Thank you for doing that reaching.
For it is not with your arms, it is with your Light of Love, the essence of you, that you reach out to each other, to the world and to the Universes abounding.
Every kindness, every helping hand you lend and every amend you extend-even if in silence- helps change the fabric of your world for yourself and others. You increase the Light of Love in the world and that is the” best” you can do!
In being on Earth at this important time of change where good is growing out of grief, you have chosen to be here; to shine the Light which you are, out into the world to increase it where it is needed.
The Light knows where to go when you allow yourself to simply shine. When you allow it to flow unrestrained through you-from you-it nourishes you as it does the world. Light increases Light which has been there all along. It is the awareness of the Light that grows.
When you smile instead of frown at someone, you reach far further afield than the object of your eyesight.
When you bless your day and all within it with gratitude, you grow more Light in the world.
When you change one negative thought into a positive one, you invite Higher Good into manifestation.
When you acknowledge your Light by feeling it; seeing it inside, you can see the Light in others and as you continue to practice that knowing and seeing within yourself, you see it in all things.
For this you came: to practice mastering your Light, Dear Soul, at a time when Mother Earth and all creation is at crossroads.
Notice Ma’afu did not say master the Light of others.
A good thing to notice when you are judging another, saying, ‘oh that one is good or that one is bad or sick or well,’ is “how have you removed yourself from the remembrance of your own Light?” A good question to ask next is, “why?” Then be still and breathe to give yourself time to release the judgement from your energy field so your answer can come from within and you can refocus to be clear in your own Light.
In this process, lessons unfold. As the lessons are learned at each level of the lesson (for don’t they seem to return often?), they release blocks to your Light shining out from you.
Sometimes this may feel as if you are taking off chunks of armor, which can leave you feeling vulnerable.
Now you have more ease in your shine! It is a good uncomfortable thing, which passes into joy of being the real you: The Light of Love.
When it seems as if there is not enough Light for everyone, or in everyone, you can choose to see the truth. There is enough for all because it is all there is. It is all you are.
Breathe in the Light of Love you are each dawn and dusk. As you rest your head to sleep, remind your self, “I am the Light of Love. I shine in the dark and in the day.” Think not on how great or small your Light shows. Know that it does.
We see you and know when you forget. Hold the Light of that thought. You are a Master of Light and you are not alone, though you may feel so.
There are Masters among you right now who know and who remind you. They are the ones who bless you with their unfettered Light. They are the ones you curse for reminding you that you are Light. They are a reflection of you. A reflection of All That Is.
Good work you are doing.

You are a Master of Light and I love you dearly.

Many Blessings.