December 1999
Message from Ma’afu

The opening of joy and prosperity of all manner is upon you. Are you ready? Can you receive all the good that is gathering around you ready to burst forth in manifestation?
Ask for all your heart’s desire that is for the highest good and practice noticing all the good that is sparkling around you like tiny, growing diamonds. It is in the practice of noticing that you will begin to see, with new eyes, the good that has been waiting for you for so long. Your good has been sitting beside you & all around you & within you so patiently; waiting for you to notice it and shine your light of gratitude on it so it can grow with delight and continue to please you and prosper you. As you notice the special crispness of air, the beauty of the rays of sun, the sweetness of a dear one’s smile, then you’ll see that penny on the ground which herald’s coming financial gain, the essence of honor in a passing compliment to you or taste the extra ingredient of ‘love’ in the morsels of a meal cooked by one who cares. Breathe in these blessings and know that each time you do this, you will be in perfect, harmonious practice of plenty. Receive the love that is within you and all around you, even when you do not see it with your physical eyes. It is there. Receive your highest good even when you despair that there will never be any for you at all. It is there. Receive the healing energy that is yours from master healers of the universe whenever you ask. It is there. Asking prepares the way for your good to come to you. Ask for it now. Please do not wait, thinking, “ My need is not as great as others.” “I don’t want to be a bother.” You are important. That you ask is important. You give the opportunity to others to be of service and those who have the special gifts to help are waiting & wanting to help. Please do not let them sit around staring at their phone; waiting for you to get around to calling. They need you as much as you need them. Spread the joy around by asking many for help: Angels(celestial & earth), Master Healers of the Universe(& of earth), Spirit; All That Is, Guides, family, friends & colleagues. Some may not be the ones to help at the moment you ask, yet may guide you to another who will be just the perfect one to help you. Breathe in and release out and sit in the knowledge that your answers are on their way in just the perfect timing and divine order. The effort you put out in the action of asking is positive energy on your own behalf and you are worth it!
Step out on trust for this new century you are facing. Look upon the century of schooling that is passing into your earth history and smile. It has been many lives of learning and you have done well. You are loved and you know what you know, dear Masters of Light!