February 2000
Message From Ma’afu

Dear Master Of Light, Blessings of Light & Love to you. What a journey you are on! Many new challenges; much releasing of old patterns, habits, ways of working in the world & relationships that do not seem to fit . So many changes in patterns in nature, in weather & earth shifts. It is a time of awakening. A time of being open; of looking forward with a sense of excitement. A time of good. A time of wonder. All this brings its own feelings of vulnerability and fear. Still I say to you- it is purposeful & good. Like cleaning out a closet of old clothes that do not fit you anymore to make room for new, better fitting, more serviceable, softer, more comfortable wearing apparel that suits the new you. After all you are not the same cellular structure you were a breath ago. You have just breathed into your lungs new air, new energy and your cells have changed in just reading this sentence. You are brand new and wonderful every minute. You are growing-no matter what ‘age’ you are or ‘status’ you’ve endeavored to attain. In the workplace, are you not finding that your skills & talents have new applications yet there are no words to give you a title to your job description? Even in relationships that are enduring there are bright changes that enliven you and make room for more love, more light . The time is now to love & live with a depth, height and breadth of expansion. Nothing is static now. Change is positive and does not have to mean throw out-lose-start all over from square one. It means add more of that which is appropriate to your bright, loving, capable self. Enrich your life, work, relationships. Give away, recycle, share & simply let go of what is meant to move from you. All that is truly yours will be there for you at just the right time; the seemingly miraculous moment needed. Be of courage-try to see things from another perspective. Stand on a chair, hang upside down for a moment, sit on the floor, close one eye, smile more, silently send out loving thoughts to people, places & things-look around you-see your familiar with new eyes. Zing! There- you have experienced change. Safe, simple and profound as you feel the feelings that come with the experience, you will grow. You are change. You are an ever expanding being of Light & Love. Feel the wonder of that-the wonder of you. And the beauty of this is that there is so much more to come. Enjoy this!
I love you, dearly, Master of Light!

In Light & Love,