Ma’afu Message jan 2001

Dearest Master of Light

Welcome to the new energy. “Of course,” you say, “it is new energy! It is a new year and a new century.” Though sometimes you may find yourself saying, “Oh, Ma’afu, it is all old. Same old, same old over and over again!” Well, dear one, you are right on both counts! You know what you know. So, in this life expression, though there is new energy of change afoot in your world (and believe me when I say it is all for good), you have brought in with you knowledge and wisdom of the Universes. Information that you have known well from before you came to the Earth plane.
Energy from Home.
You resonate to this in your quiet, contemplative moments and feel the truth of these words as you read them here. Ma’afu tells you nothing you don’t already know- just simply reminds you of your wonderful self and all your knowledge and gifts and talents.
The new energy we speak of here is the energy of love that is being held consciously by many, many souls and is multiplying and building a strong foundation for all nations and all peoples. You are holding this light for yourself, your loved ones and for the world -all nations; all peoples. You know in your heart and soul that you are all of one family though you express differences in individual or regional choices. That would be true even in a family who grew up in the same town in the same dwelling. One might like this food better than that. And that is good. What goes awry is when one thinks of the other as ‘less than’ because he or she does not eat or like the same food as you. Translate this into any other situation and you have discord, in harmony. Wear the world like a loose garment, Dear Master of Light. Allow all to be seen in your considerable light from your generous heart.
Even the ones you may think of as pains in the anatomy! You may move away from them and still allow them to be unjudged or uncriticized. You can even share the same space and agree to disagree. Then watch how there will soon be something that comes up on which you agree perfectly. There is always common ground. Let it be unfolded in front of you and be pleasantly surprised.
Within boundaries can be much freedom.
Remember Dear Master of Light all this information; all this light we speak of is within you and all around you. Hold it steady for yourself and those who cannot do this for themselves and remember too that there are those who will hold it for you too when you cannot hold it for yourself. See there you are- in a complete circle of light. One of the balance of giving and receiving. In this you are a gift to others and they to you.
The changes that are happening in the world are for ultimate good. This is the thought to hold onto and the intention to hold. Know that All is Well.
And know that I love you.