There is time dear one there is time.

You all have the time that is neccessary to accomplish all that you came to experience. Accomplish and experience, these are the same things. When viewed from your greater awareness, your perspective from your higher self, you will know inside that you have alloted yourself all the time nessessary for you to play out or express your Life Blueprint.

When you worry that there is never enough time you are actually creating less time for your self. For time is at your whim not the other way around. Time does not control you. You decided how long this life would last. You decided how much time you would need. And time bends, if you need more time to accomplish what you came to experience you have already allowed for that elasticity.

Live today knowing there is time, that time is on your side and under control. Allow your self to accomplish with the freedom of enough time.

Blessings Master of Light