Message From Ma’afu -July 2000

Dear Master of Light, I greet you with loving energy. How good of you to visit with Ma’afu; to take time out of your busy life to spend some quiet moments. This is a gift!
Moments of peace where one can be in silence alone or with a friend are truly treasures. Summer is a wonderful time to choose to practice peace.
Watch a butterfly with its silky wings in the sunlight or a flower petal as it unfolds with morning dew. Hear the stillness in the mountains and try to guess how far in the distance the singing bird you hear may be or feel the breeze off the rolling surf as it lifts aloft the cawing seagulls. Listen to the city’s nighttime sounds or morning awakenings. Feel the fields speak their truth of growing or deserts whispering sunset secrets in your ear. On lake or sea, what messages do the waters or their residents bring? Sound may be found within quiet.
If you will be still and listen, you may find gifts within that you have been either searching frantically for or have been unaware that you needed.
Perhaps you will even hear Ma’afu’s voice telling you how much you are loved or lightening your day with a bit of laughter.
Letting go of expectations of how things come to you; how things ‘should be,’
and who should bring them to you will give you greater room in your life’s closet for new, more suitable, fitting happinesses and freedom to look around and enjoy being in the moment-right now.
The whole of Universes is loving you-right now! In this moment. Can you feel that love? Will you receive that gift? Be still. Breathe in. It is all around you; in you; expressing as you- more and more when you make room in your life; as you practice receiving.
You make your own stillness within the motion of life. There you can remember that you are good; you are loving; you are love. You are a Master of Light, Dearest Soul!
Allow the Light of Love to shine for you and then shine it outward to the world.
I love you, Dear Master of Light!
Many Blessings to You,