Ma’afu Message-June 2000

MASTER OF LIGHT, I greet you with joy!
I am delighted to have a visit with you!
I love and value you, dear precious soul. I applaud your courage in every step you take as you learn and grow in the lessons of being human; in the lessons of love. For that is what is at the heart of every lesson: love.
Love for you and for all around you.
With every situation; within every feeling you feel is the nugget of the energy of love. As you work through every level of your challenges. Each time you come through it all to a place of more love and understanding and peace within yourself, so your light of love shines brighter into the world and the universes to touch all.
You are a Master of Light!
You have the power to shine that light of love to the smallest and greatest; to increase the Light of Love all around you. From the smallest ant to the tallest, green, leafy tree; in your own home or the vast home of Heaven, your light shines and makes a difference.
If you would like to try a small workshop, may I gently suggest this:
Each day choose one thing to concentrate upon and consciously shine your loving spirit to that ant which crawls past you; the breeze which caresses your face; the ray of sun or drop of rain which greets you; a passerby; the flower at your feet; a child; a friend; a co-worker; a client; a person who has been a challenge to you; the night sky; the grains of sand or earth that make up your part of the world; the electricity, plumbing or utilities that enhance your home and life; a laugh or a tear; the food you eat; the water which quenches your thirst; bathes and comforts you. Any of a million things that will occur to you individually, focus upon one at a time and beam your Light of Love for a moment with full focus. Notice how you feel before, during and after you do this. Each time, and as you go, you may notice other feelings and occurrences. For energy and intention of focusing the Light of Love is cumulative in the one who does the focusing and that which receives the warmth of that focus.
It is an adventure, Dear Master of Light.
An adventure of practicing being in touch with your considerable Light.
(Oh, and by the way, this only takes a moment. You may of course choose to do this for as long or as short as you like -whenever you like-you have many choices.)

You are a Master of Light! You are loved and you are Love.
Many Blessings to You In Light & In Love,

*Ma’afu has given several examples upon which to focus your Light of Love. Get as creative as you like & many more will unfold. Please share the examples of which things you chose to focus upon & feedback of your personal experiences with Ma’afu’s mini workshops in the Conscious Community Message Board
You can inspire others.