March Message from Ma'afu

Dear Master of Light
It is a joy to see you here again, checking for your messages. You know that each time you come to visit, I greet you with so much love. I see you taking away a sparkle of the Light of Love each time you visit!
I know that it is your higher self that keeps you reaching for words that will remind you that you know what you know. Validation of being loved is another motivation that keeps your human heart reaching for the love you so well deserve and i tell you that you have it every minute of your existence. Again validation that you are loved is good. So, let me tell you again and again how dearly loved you are.
Look into the mirror and see the wonderful Master of Light that you are. Look into your own eyes and see your loving light shine from within. Whether you perceive this as a bright shining light or a small quiet one, you are the Light of Love. When you smile at another, you shine your light to validate, encourage and enrich. Simple acts of kindness to yourself and to others uplift all.
Let us talk about patience. Are you willing to practice patience with your own dear self? For you are seen being patient with others and striving for excellence there. Now is the time to go gently on yourself. When you learn a new skill or are in a new situation or phase of growth- one in which you may not be as familiar as you'd like- please dear soul, allow yourself time to adjust; to ease into newness. Many times you ask more of yourself than you would another who is new. Breathe. Take a moment to be in ease. This will refresh you and release tightened energy from within you like unwinding a coil. Now you can send out your thoughts to take in information more readily; to inquire about the best way for you to proceed and with gratitude for those who care about you and take time to teach you. This could be a family member, a boss, a co- worker, a friend, a complete stranger (of course you know that there are no complete strangers-merely people we don't recognize from other lives-earth angels who said they would show up when you needed them!) Lighten up on you and you will lighten up on others. All benefit from you being very good to you! The more you let go of having to know everything; be in charge; have it all together, the more you will receive in gifts for highest good. Would you like to be pleasantly surprised? Well, ask for guidance and help from your angels, guides and Ma'afu and sit quietly to listen within. Letting go of outcomes will bring lovely things into your life. You will hear, feel and be more in touch with your higher self, who is the one within who knows what you know. There is your best validation! You are a Master of Light and you know what you know! Be patient with your humanness. You are a work of art continually in progress!
And I love you dearly.
In Light and Love,