May 2000, Message From Ma'afu

Greetings Dear Master of Light.
How kind of you to visit to see what Ma'afu has to say. I thank you for your time and the honor to be of service. For that is what we all are to one another: in honoring service. The kindness you do; the kindness you think for yourself and others, ripples out to touch the fabric of the universes. You make a difference with every breath; every thought; every action you take or do not take; every mistake you make ( & I hope you make many so you can learn & grow & accept & love yourself just as you are!).
Refraining from taking an action, based on highly intense feelings that you feel, is equally as important as springing into action. Taking a breath before speaking or acting is a gift you give to yourself and to others. In this breath is where you release outcomes to Spirit for a higher good in every situation that you face. In this breath is the release of stress that is so good for your physical body. In this breath is where emotions can come into a balance which allows greater good to manifest for the highest good of all.
Did you ever think so much was contained in a single breath of life? Or that there was such immense purpose in a little bitty breath of air? Well, there is a perspective to ponder!
The miracles in one breath that can do so much for you and for others! It is a place where you are given the opportunity to respond or refrain instead of reacting. So much healthier for you, that it changes your world within & without.
If you do not see this as you read this or if you do not readily accept what Ma'afu shares with you at this time, that is quite all right. Are you willing to try an experiment perhaps?
Here it is!
Part I
Just be willing to notice in each day where one the above described breaths might come in handy. That is all you are asked to do. Just awake one morning & say aloud, "Today I am willing to notice." There is nothing else you need do. Not even take the breath before speaking or acting (though of course you certainly may do so if you wish to). Simply notice. Notice where you are feeling the inner urge to say something; where you snap an answer back almost instantly; where you frown or become impatient with situations or people; where you are on automatic in your reactions; where you feel you must know the answers; where you feel you have to be perfect and infallible; where your shoulders are tucked up under your chin in tension; where you are hard on yourself and therefore on others; where silence feels good; where it does not; where you find sweet respite in a sigh; where you feel bodily release of energy or ease; where you feel others require more of you than you have to give; where you need to say yes or no; where someone needs only your active listening; where they need your feedback or suggestion; where you need to wait to be asked; where you need to volunteer.
Oh, Ma'afu could go on & on and now chooses to let you add to this list with your own noticing. All this noticing in the space of a breath!
Each time you do this, you will find yourself noticing so many different variations and all are gifts for you to have the opportunity to grow; to change, to value more of your beautiful, amazing, wonderful self!
Stay in the noticing or return to this phase anytime you wish.
Part II
You may next choose to change a few things that you have noticed or decide to keep some that serve you well or simply shave some edges off places you find you'd like just a little bit smoother. Please, whatever you do in this workshop, refrain from judging anything you notice. Only noticing, "Hmmm," you may find yourself saying silently or aloud. That is part of the noticing. You may find yourself, at the end of the day, musing over these places where you noticed. Still just notice.
Give yourself approximately one week, at least, of noticing.
As you go, you may wish to take notes at the end of each day or as you continue to notice you may see places that continually come up for you.
Part III
When you see a clear map of places you'd like to change, choose one place and practice that one change for a week.
For example: if you find that you have been quick to anger in traffic, quick to scowl at other drivers in impatience ( & who of you has not? It's pretty crowded & challenging to maneuver safely and pleasantly on your very busy streets-even from where Ma'afu sees it!), consciously change your scowl to a smile as you look at other drivers. Smile at those in the next vehicle. See how contagious that becomes and how surprised you or the other is when the smile is returned.
Even if it is not returned, take that breath in & smile anyway & think these thoughts (or similar thoughts) to these others, "Bless you as you go your way safely and smoothly." Think to yourself or say aloud in your car, "All is well. Thank you Angels (or Spirit or God or whatever you wish) for getting us all to our destinations safely and in just the right time." Try this for a week at least and see how you feel.
And if you notice tension returning (for after all you've practised tension here for a long time and are very good at practising & learning!) just take in a breath again (as many times as you need).
Perhaps, just perhaps, you may find yourself feeling lighter, less stressed, happier, more peaceful, more trusting in the Divine Order of things and in a flow of the exchange of smoother energy with those around you. You may just begin to see that a higher good manifests where you had previously thought you needed to be in complete control.
You may just notice the beauty of small things around you or how nice it is to have someone fixing the highways even though it is stalling traffic to a crawl! Gratitude can creep into that breath and the next thing you know-a smile may be on your face where ordinarily there has been the frown. Oh my, and then it just might become contagious! Imagine people smiling all around on the highways and telling the construction workers thanks for doing such a good job! Why, with the breath of the expression of appreciation, it might just encourage them to do better, faster work! Won't a smoother, safer highway get you to work on time and in better shape?!
Are you willing to give it a try? Do you know what a Master of Light you are?
What could it hurt? A breath. A noticing. Maybe a change or two, if you choose-or not. The choice is always yours, Dear Master of Light!
Have some fun with this! I love you dearly, Master of Light!
Many Blessings to you.
In Light and Love,