Dear Master Of Light

Oh, how the world is being tested for Love.
When you are tempted to hatred, can you feel those feelings, set honorable boundaries
and still stay in the truth of remembering who you are?
You are a Master of Light!
You can choose actions of strength. You can choose to send
the energy of love, healing, prayer and thoughts for the highest good of all.
You are greater, better, higher than you think.
And if you know already how good and wonderful you are,
can you imagine how we see you as so much more?
Oh, you are unlimited good!
So, hang on in the face of so many changes, Dear Master Of Light,
express the love and appreciation in your hearts to one another without reserve.
Make amends, practice active forgiveness and active gratitude; ameliorate grief
and suffering at the minutest moments, so that they don't grow into larger hurts.
You can shine the light of your heart.
Shine it brightly.
Pull together in Love.
You are a Master Of Light!
We on this side stand ready to help you. Call on us. We love you greatly.
I love you Dear Master of Light!